Replacement Grass for Most Brands

Disclaimer: Dog Potty Warehouse does not carry or sell grass products made by other brands.   We distribute our own line of high quality grass products. 

Synthetic grass is a great option for dog potty training, however, this turf must be thoroughly cleaned and maintained.   Over time, bacteria will build up and the synthetic grass should be replaced.  

Our synthetic replacement grass is:

  1. Manufactured in the USA
  2. Designed specifically for dogs (Ultimate flow rate)
  3. High Quality 
  4. Antimicrobial Material
  5. Comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We carry replacement grass for the following brands:

Pet Loo, Porch Potty, Fresh Patch, Potty Patch, Four Paws - Wee Wee Patch, Downtown Pet Supply, Prevue Pet Products, PETMAKER